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About The Sports Gurukul

The Sports Gurukul ( TSG ) is India’s first & the best grass root sports & Physical education development & Training organization backed by a team of dedicated, passionate & experienced professionals. Our aim is to create awareness for sports & Physical Education as an important part of holistic education. We are stop shop for school to help them achieve their sports & Physical Education activities.

Twice been voted as
At the Indian education award 2015 & 2016

After two particularly successful editions that gathered in Paris in July 2015,2016 and 2017 thousands of girls and boys from all over the world to participate in the biggest football tournament in France, the Paris World Cup expands its horizon. 

ENSEMBLE, PARIS IS A FESTIVAL! All is said. Beyond the simple competition, it is the expected attendance of more than 500 teams (all disciplines combined), 15.000 sportsmen and sportsmen from 10 to 25 years and 62 nationalities that motivate us so much with the 200 volunteers PARIS WORLD GAMES as well as the services of the city of Paris.

The best facilities spread over the whole city will be made available to them, the most suitable accommodation and catering facilities, festive entertainment throughout the capital … everything will still be made for Paris to be magic!

Promote sports in all its dimensions (sport, identity, fraternity)

Offer a worldwide event through a high-level sports competition in a friendly atmosphere;

Foster better sporty relations & exchanges between students from all over the world;

Leave an everlasting memory in the minds of the students through the discovery of Paris, the City of Light.

Why PWG with TSG?

20 Hours of coaching in Mumbai, India.

*Key Features*

* Football Training under International coach & training under other sports with Expert Coaches.

* Pedagogical style of training.

* Even an Individual can come on board who will be accommodated in a team*

* Match Practice before leaving for the Tournament.

Contacts Us

Sports Gurukul LLP.

M R Society, Gate No 02, Office No – M/23, Reliefe Road, 

Opp Raheja College, Santacruz (west), Mumbai – 400 054.

Call: +91 9004200200

Email : inquiry@thesportsgurukul.com